S2:Ep6 Duh, Of Course The Carlton Dance Isn’t Protected By Copyright – The Legal Tea
February 22, 2019

S2:Ep6 Duh, Of Course The Carlton Dance Isn’t Protected By Copyright

Today’s episode is an update. In episode 7 of season 1 of the legal tea with discussed Fornite’s problematic behavior. Where the company was using dances made popular by black artist in their game without permission, credit or payment. We talked about copyrights as they relate to dance and the likelihood of someone succeeding on a copyright infringement lawsuit. In episode 15 of season 1 we discussed the lawsuits filed by 2 Milly and Alfonso Riberio against Fornite for copyright infringement and right to publicity. It was really just a matter of time. Well since then there have been some major movement in those two lawsuits. Plus we had a listener ask, how do you get right to publicity? I figured the best way to answer this question and to further explain why the case against Fornite really isn’t about copyrights is to discuss the EA Sports lawsuit from a few years ago

Our Top 3 takeaways
1. Right of publicity gives you the right to exclude others from making money off of your likeness without your permission.
2. Everybody has this right. It is not reserved for celebrities and high profile people.
3. It is a up hill battle trying to copyright dance moves that involve only a few steps.

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