S2:EP11 Okurr, Cardi B Teaches Us The Wrong and Right Way to Trademark a Catchphrase – The Legal Tea
March 29, 2019

S2:EP11 Okurr, Cardi B Teaches Us The Wrong and Right Way to Trademark a Catchphrase

Cardi B said that while she is here she’s gonna secure ALL the bags! She went on Instagram last week for the folks who were mad that she filed to trademark Okurr, her signature catchphrase. Some people are like how? Some people are like but the Kardashians did it first. So gather around as I spill the tea.

On February 25 Cardi filed for a service mark for the Okurr . She filed an intent to use application for the word mark Okurr, for clothing namely sweatshirts and hoodies.

What do trademarks protect? Brand identifiers.

What are Brand identifiers? The thing that indicates the source of a good or a service Brand identifiers are not limited to names, logos and slogans.

They also protect color, shapes, smell, and sound Cardi says every time she makes an appearance they want her to say Okurr, when she shoots a commercial they want her to say Okurr.

When we hear Okurr we think of Cardi the artist. She decided to capitalize on it by associating the word with a good. That’s the way it’s done. This is something Laura Bell Bundy is learning the hard way. If you’re wondering who Laura Bundy is and what she has to do with anything, keep listening.

Cardi B wasn’t the first to say Okurr, neither were the Kardashians. According to Refinery 29, In 2010 Bundy created a video, I Beweave hair salon where her character Shocantelle Brown first uses Okurr. Bundy filed a trademark for the sound in July of 2018 but received an office action for failure to function as a trademark.

Here’s what you need to know about trademarking a short phrase or word It’s not about who came up with the word. The dictionary is full of words.

1. If the word does not identify the source of a good or service it is not a trademark. On Fleek is registered by the

2. Wink Brow Bar in 2015 but Kayla Newman created the phrase that was oh so popular a few years.

3. I hope Cardi trademarks the sound. The pilsbury do boy, the NBC chimes, the New York Stock Exchange opening bell, the MGM lion, the Harlem Globetrotter’s theme song If the sound identifies the source of a good or service, if those goods/services are available in commerce, and it’s unique it’s a trademark.