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S2:Ep6 Duh, Of Course The Carlton Dance Isn’t Protected By Copyright
Today’s episode is an update. In episode 7 of season 1 of the legal tea with discussed Fornite’s problematic behavior.[...]
S2: Ep5 Fiji Water Girl Sues Fiji Over Use Of Likeness
 Fiji Water hired Kelleth Cuthbert as a model to promote their product at the Golden Globes. Cuthbert took this opportunity[...]
Season 2 Episode 4: Just because you pay for it doesn’t make it yours
Gigi Hadid is being sued for copying a picture of herself and posting it to her Instagram account. As business owners[...]
Season 2: Episode 3 Samsung’s 1.6 Million Dollar iPhone Problem
Samsung is suing one of their brand ambassadors for breach of contract in the amount of 1.6 million dollars. One[...]
S2. Episode 2: What We Can Learn About Trademarks From Game of Thrones, Rihanna, and McDonalds
Winter is here but April is not. Rihanna is suing her father for brand confusion, and McDonald's lost their trademark[...]
Episode 18: Surviving R. Kelly’s Defamation Lawsuit
Thursday night Lifetime debuted a documentary series titled, “Surviving R. Kelly” It is a multi-night event giving voices to the[...]
Episode 17: Love Is Abrupt Cancellation, Admission of Guilt or Nah
After being renewed for a second season, the show was abruptly cancelled amid allegations of domestic violence and copyright infringement[...]
Episode 16: Offset’s Stage Debut, Love or Abuse?
Did you see Offset's latest attempt to win his wife back? Join me and my guests, licensed therapist Ce Anderson[...]
Episode 15: Cardi B, Fornite Dance Lawsuit, and Nickelodeon Update
Welcome to episode 15 of the Legal Tea. Today's episode is an update of previous issues we've talked about in[...]
Episode 14: LL Cool J and Prince Battle Alleged Cybersquatters
A couple of weeks ago when we’re discussing Prince's estate trademarking the color purple, I mention the estate filing a[...]
Episode 13: Black Owned Cosmetic Line Overcomes Trademark Issues With Big Brand To Make 1 Million Dollars in 90 Minutes
Listen I love that Supa Cent acknowledges and respects that Crayola has the right to keep people off their brand.[...]
Episode 12:New Edition Members Battle Over Right To Name
If you follow our Facebook business page for a while you might remember a few months ago I told ya'll[...]
Episode 11: Stay Out Of My Crayon Box
Today we're talking about the Purple wonder himself, Prince. As we all know, this legend understood the importance of protecting[...]
Episode 10: Gee’s Bend: A Story Of Poverty, Ignorance, Fame, And Copyrights
We're talking copyrights and today's story comes from my own backyard. Boykin, AL which is located in Wilcox County only[...]
Episode 08: Rihanna’s Trademark Woes
Rihanna is being sued over her use of Fenty University’s FU design. Freedom United claims that Rihanna through her partnership[...]
Episode 07: Soulja Boy Cannot Copyright His “Superman” Dance
Although free to use, Fornite charges users for everything else in the game including popular dance moves. They call the[...]
I was on a webinar this week with Lamar Tyler of Traffic Sales and Profits, he shared that according to the National[...]
Episode 05: Consent People Consent
In today's episode, Attorney Murray discusses Fashion Nova's 4 attempts to register trademarks on the reality star turn rapper Cardi[...]
Episode 04: Fitzmagic Trademark Drama. But Why You Mad Though?
Former University of Alabama player and 1st round draft pick Minkah Fitzpatrick filed a trademark application for his nickname, Fitzmagic[...]