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January 8, 2019

Episode 18: Surviving R. Kelly’s Defamation Lawsuit

Thursday night Lifetime debuted a documentary series titled, “Surviving R. Kelly” It is a multi-night event giving voices to the women who have alleged to been victims of R&B singer R. Kelly’s alleged predator behavior. The documentary includes over 50 interviews of not only alleged victims but also family members, musicians, and creator of the me too movement, Tarana Burke.

For its efforts to provide a voice to women where they have previously been unheard, Lifetime received a scathing cease and desist letter from R. Kelly’s legal team. They alleged that they have proof that Lifetime knows that some of the women being interviewed are lying.

In today’s episode of the Legal Tea we are discussing defamation. What it is and the burden of proof. Remember the content in this podcast is not legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only.

You know I couldn’t leave you without giving you the three top takeaways from today’s episode

1. Libel and slander while both defamation, are different. Libel refers to written defamation while slander refers to oral
2. Defamation is not just about false statements. It is about the intentional, reckless, or negligent communication of false statements
3. Defamation is not a federal matter and is defined specifically according to each individual state’s law

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