Episode 17: Love Is Abrupt Cancellation, Admission of Guilt or Nah – The Legal Tea
December 25, 2018

Episode 17: Love Is Abrupt Cancellation, Admission of Guilt or Nah

After being renewed for a second season, the show was abruptly cancelled amid allegations of domestic violence and copyright infringement from one of the show’s creators.  Our focus today is on the copyright infringement allegations.

One of our amazing listeners posed the following question: is cancellation of the show the best option for a network to cover themselves while one of their show producers and creators is being sued for possible intellectual theft? She goes on to say,

As a person with no legal expertise it almost seems like admitting guilt or proof of guilt.

Here’s my answer: Stopping the show is not necessarily an admission of guilt. It gives the studio time to investigate further and reduces their losses. Remember damages are calculated either my actual loss or statutory. Statutory damages are set my law. Actual damages would be based on the money lost as a result of not being paid for her contribution. Show creators sell their shows, typically per episode. If the network continued to run the show it could be increasing the amount of money they would have to pay.

Top Three Takeaways
1. Copyrights protect the execution of ideas not the ideas themselves.
2. Don’t trust people with your work especially if you haven’t protected it through copyright registration
3. Non Disclosure Agreements can protect your ideas that haven’t been executed. Meaning if you have an idea for a script but haven’t written it, this written contract can protect it. If the other party will sign it.

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