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About Us



Despite spilling the tea on a weekly basis, I like to keep it drama free off the air. Working with businesses and entrepreneurs to grow, build, and protect their brands makes my heart happy. You can learn more about my work here and here.

When I'm not serving clients, speaking, or teaching you can catch me coaching my younger girls from the stands during their volleyball games or being mistaken for my oldest child older sister. It's the butters, lol.

How We Got Here

I help entrepreneurs identify their intangible assets and protect their brand. Most people have heard of trademarks, copyrights, and patents but they have no rule clue on how they work.  As an attorney, I try to avoid the B..ch betta have my money scenarios by educating my clients on what they need and why.  The law is complicated and full of grey areas.   I found it easier to explain these concepts by talking about celebrities and other popular stories and their legal troubles.

I became known for speaking on these matters and people were constantly sharing different stories with me. While on the phone with a friend and accountability partner she shared that she and one of her friends couldn't wait for the hear what I had to say about a recent story because I "always had the legal tea" and just like what started as Off The Mark w/Attorney Murray was rebranded as The Legal Tea.