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S2:EP18 Kawhi Leonard Files Lawsuit Against Nike For Copyright Infringement
Kawhi Leonard files lawsuit against Nike for copyright infringement. The lawsuit was filed after receiving a cease and desist letter[...]
S2: EP17 LA Crips May Have Some Trouble With Their ” The Marathon Continues” Trademark Application
Two weeks ago, the LA. Crips filed a trademark application for The Marathon Continues. Yes, La Crips as in one[...]
What John Singelton’s Passing Teaches Entrepreneurs About Preparing For Death
Before John Singleton's death on April 28, 2019, his family had already begun fighting over control of $35 million dollar[...]

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We could care less about who's sleep with whom unless there's an NDA involved😉. Here we use pop culture and other real-world events to make sense of complex legal matters. I am LaConya Murray, Brand Attorney and managing member of Off The Mark Ip Solutions. My firm assists clients throughout the United States with trademarks, copyrights, patents, and business developments. I absolutely love using real-world examples to explain the legal concepts that most business owners need to know but simply don't understand.  Join me weekly as my guest and I break down pop culture from a legal view.

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